Communication Activities

Tools that help our students achieve their aims

We have developed tools that help our students to achieve theirs aims

These tools are: Daily Advice, Bilingual Day, Observation, Project Day, Interview Day, Spelling Day and Karaoke.

Daily Advice

We use Daily Advice as a tool of communication to test creative thinking of student and improve their personal live style.

Bilingual Day

Bilingual Day is a program that checks the progress of our student language proficiency.
This means that, it checks the understanding of students from their native language to their language of study.

Observation & Project Day

Observation and Project Day help Language Wealth International’s students develop an inquisitive and creative mind and also master the skills of speech presentation.

Interview Day

Interview Day is a program adopted by LWI to build the self confidence and encourage independent learning among our student. It also improves critical thinking and presentation skills.

Spelling Day

Research has shown that spelling improves reading. Then, Language Wealth International uses spelling program to check and improve the basic foundation of the students knowledge in the target language.

Karaoke Day

Karaoke helps to release stress level in our students and prepare them for the weeks ahead by singing education-themed renditions of popular songs. Through this they practice their speaking, pronunciation and listening skills as they entertain themselves.

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