This courses are designed to get you communicating fluently in today’s global workplace!

Develop the language skills needed in the workplace: Take English for Work course at LWI and you’ll be ready to take on opportunities in all parts of the globe.

The highly specialized teaching we offer will enable you to communicate in all situations, confident when interacting with colleagues and able to use the English language to achieve highly specific aims.

Admission Package

Inscription + 3 cahiers + Frais d’examen+ T-Shirt + les documents et les sites électroniques

1 Attestation/certificat = CFA 35,000

N.B: On donne seulement que les documents électroniques mais si vous avez besoin d’un copie c’est à CFA 15,000

Pièces a fourni (2 photos d’identités, photocopie de passeport ou carte d’étude)


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